Fluid Solar House in Elizabeth committed to innovative co-working

Powering ideas.

Yet another business has chosen the North as its home: the innovative Fluid Solar House has been unveiled.

This world-first building is entirely grid-independent, demonstrating the power of reliable and affordable solar thermal energy. The opening of Fluid Solar House ushers in a wealth of opportunities for the North with its Innovation Grid: an energy start-up, co-working, and micro-office space. This is set to become a base of operations for many businesses in the field of low-impact living and renewable energy.

The building is located directly across from the Lyell McEwin Hospital and is 1km from the General Motors Holden factory. This means Fluid Solar House is centrally located to host a medical outpatient treatment centre which could also develop innovative medical technologies.

A range of Fluid Solar technologies were utilised in the building’s design. This includes a large thermal bank under the carpark, and solar-thermal and solar photovoltaic powered heating, cooling and ventilation. These technologies produce and store enough energy to keep the building running off-grid, year round.

The Innovation Grid is looking to help businesses start and grow. It will be equipped with a range of support, mentorship and collaboration services and facilities. This will attract entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and large businesses in the energy and low impact living fields. Businesses in these rapidly evolving industries will welcome the chance to network and collaborate with each other.

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Fluid Solar House runs open mornings on Fridays for prospective co-workers or collaborators. Contact Brigette Hayes on brigettehayes@fluidsolarthermal.com

Be sure to check out Fluid Solar on Today Tonight here: https://www.todaytonightadelaide.com.au/stories/power-solutions

 Manufacturing and technical experience is put to good use at Fluid Solar House,

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