Paul Rosenzweig is Writing His Way to Success

“I’m fascinated by all sorts of people’s lives, I believe everyone has an interesting story to tell.”

Stretton co-worker Paul Rosenzweig is dedicated to telling the stories of everyday Australians. He is writing biographies for someone who wants to give their life story to loved ones, or a business owner who wants a biography written about the establishment of their company. We had a chat with Paul to find out more about his unique business, read on if you are curious!

Stretton: First off, tell me a little bit about your business. What exactly do you offer?

Paul: I offer the chance for people to tell their story. I meet with people from a range of businesses and backgrounds who have a story to tell or want to increase awareness of their business or organization. Sometimes, they just want to learn about their history.

S: How did you get into biography writing as a business venture?

P: Ten years ago I wrote my first book called ‘Our Rainbow’. It was about raising awareness of people with disabilities and charities, and learning about different people’s lives through the aspect of having a disability. Overall, learning about their struggles and what they’ve had to overcome in their life inspired me to learn more about people in general because I’m fascinated by all sorts of people’s lives, I believe everyone has a story to tell; it doesn’t matter where you’ve come from or what you’ve done. I get asked ‘who have you written about who’s famous?’ a lot, but I like to focus more on everyday people. People think they don’t have an interesting story to tell but you delve into things like their ancestry, and it becomes so much more interesting.

S: Can you tell me your process for biography writing?

P: I have a biography writing template that I’ve created this myself. Either I fill it in or the customer fills it in, then I expand into more detail. I use my phone to record everything and take shorthand notes; then I go to my desk and use a program that transcribes the interview onto a computer. Writing is time consuming so I needed to find something that helped me go faster and save time.

S: What is the most memorable biography you’ve written?

P: A crocodile hunter in the Northern Territory, now that was interesting! She got her fingers bitten off by a croc. She’s in her 60’s and is a truck driver now, she and her husband drive from Adelaide to Perth twice a week.

S: Writing takes a lot of patience and time; do you have any tips for aspiring writers?

P: Just to read as much as possible- read, read, read! Doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s a children’s book, newspaper, magazine, comic book, whatever! It will help you to write better. I don’t read much though; I haven’t read a full novel for five years. If you’re like me and have a passion for writing but don’t like reading, find material similar to what you like to write about and read that.

S: Who are your favourite authors?

P: I’ve always liked Paul Jennings and John Marsden.

S: What are you enjoying most about co-working at Stretton?

P: I love the people, the open spaces, the work environment, the ability to work where you want and when you want, and the 24/7 access. The best and biggest change to come from Stretton is that I can now separate my work life from my family life at an affordable price.

Paul Rosenzweig, Stretton's resident biography writer.

Paul Rosenzweig, Stretton’s resident biography writer.

So there you have it. Paul is a great addition to the Stretton community, and we are super excited to see where his business goes!

Keep an eye out for Paul this year; he has a number of projects on the go including short biographies of State and Federal politicians, and books about South Australian RSL clubs and their members.

And as always, watch this space!

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