Second Floor

The University of Adelaide’s Australian Workplace Innovation & Social Research Centre (WISeR) will be based on the second floor and will manage the Stretton Research and Innovation Centre. WISeR will continue working on important research report and will look at current opportunities and future challenges facing the North. The research will provide the foundations for the growth of industry and development in the North

The second floor also provides a co-working environment with a focus on connecting and collaborating. Co-working packages can be tailored to suit the needs of our co-workers.

First Floor

With a focus on room hire, the first floor has the perfect space for your next event. Featuring modern technology, each space supports formal training, informal learning, community and business workshops, networking events and seminars.

The first floor features an impressive kitchenette which is perfect for networking and catering. Equally as impressive, the Terrace brings the outdoors in and offers great views of the Town Park.

Ground Floor

Very community focused, the ground floor houses the City of Playford Library Service. In addition to providing unique access to innovative technology, the library includes collections, a children’s area, public access computers, an informal quiet study area, and a parenting room.

For information on the library opening times please refer to the City of Playford website.

Also on the ground floor, the Hub lounge provides an attractive space for relaxation, reading, informal meetings and work. It’s a shared space for people using any part of the Stretton Centre to meet, work and relax while enjoying Kiosk refreshments, and can also be booked for after-hours functions.