The northern region is one of the fastest growing in South Australia but population growth is faster than local job growth. Added to that is a pressing need to accelerate industrial transformation to counter jobs losses in mass manufacturing.

The Stretton Centre was founded by the City of Playford, the University of Adelaide through its Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre (WISeR) and Renewal SA, and funded by the Australian Government and the Playford Alive Initiatives Fund.

Stretton will

help to:

  • Provide a focal point for the development of regional economic, industry and employment strategies.
  • Identify and pursue new industry and workforce development opportunities.
  • Assist with the development of industry networks, clusters and new facilities that support growth.
  • Foster innovation in high growth potential sectors.
  • Provide a world-class collaborative space for building and sustaining economic development partnerships.
  • Involve stakeholders from industry, government, researchers and the wider community.
  • Provide high-level industry extension services in collaboration with international partners.
  • Create close partnerships with local, SA and Australian Governments.
  • Maximise industry and employment development opportunities that can flow from major projects.
  • Foster the uptake of smart procurement practices in the region.