More Small Business Success for Playford

The Small Business Development Fund has been running for more than a year and a half now, and Playford has seen some fantastic outcomes.

As a part of the Northern Economic Plan, the SBDF’s purpose is to create business growth and employment outcomes for the Playford, Salisbury, and Port Adelaide Enfield Council areas.

We’re pleased to report the fund has given many local businesses a huge boost more than a year into it’s cycle!

We caught up with Chris Musolino of Virginia-based business T. Musolino and Co. to see how the grant will help them grow.

“We grow cauliflowers, cabbage, broccoli, and iceberg lettuce- and we’ve just started a venture into making cauliflower rice.”

Cauliflower rice offers a low-carb alternative to regular rice. Under the brand of Healthy Heart Produce, Chris offers a ready-to-eat product that caters perfectly to consumer needs.

Chris showed us around the 1500 acre farm, which he says started off at 50 acres over 60 years ago.

“We received $100,000 from the Small Business Development Fund. So we then buy our machine, install it, and expand our business. From this, we can create 5 ongoing jobs.”

Chris says the new machine will help them keep up with the demands of the market, giving them the capacity to supply to more retailers Australia-wide.


If your business needs a boost to get to the next level, check out the Small Business Development Fund here. But be sure to get cracking- the next round closes on March 13th, 2018!

And remember- our Business Support Team can help with your application. Give us a call on 8254 4666 or email




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