Breakfast with Naval Group Australia: how your business can be a part of the Future Submarine Program

Let’s talk about why your business needs to be at the upcoming Connections Industry Breakfast.

What better way to kick off our very first industry breakfast than talking about one of the most exciting defence projects in Australia?

That’s right! Naval Group Australia (NGA) are coming to Stretton to talk about the Future Submarine Program, and they want to show you how local businesses can get involved.

Naval Group has been selected by the Australian Government as the preferred partner for the design and build of 12 Future Submarines for the Royal Australian Navy. The program is of huge significance to the future of Australia’s military capability.

The best part? The submarines will be built right here in Adelaide!

NGA’s aim is to maximize the involvement of Australian industry in all phases of the Program. Their goal is to achieve this without compromising capability, cost, schedule or risk.

We will hear from guest speakers Sharon Stace, Team Leader of NGA’s Supply Quality Assurance Team; and also Paul Johnson, General Manager of Operations from SAGE Automation.

There are over one million parts in a submarine, so your business is bound to have something they need! Service providers such as plumbers, electricians, welders and engineers will find opportunities within the project. Not only that, suppliers of things like pumps, bolts, hoses, and construction materials will fit nicely into the build too. Some businesses are aware of these opportunities but aren’t sure how exactly to get involved. To help businesses, Sharon will speak about the requirements for those hoping to tap into the supply chain.

But most importantly, the project is accessible for all kinds of businesses. This means all businesses ranging from multinational corporations to small family-owned companies will benefit from coming along. This could be the key that unlocks potential you’ve never imagined.

So if the Future Submarine Program sounds like a great opportunity for you, join us for breakfast. Get your ticket here!

And if you want a better idea of the kinds of resources needed, you can check out the list of upcoming tenders for the Future Submarines here on NGA’s ICN Gateway.

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