Introducing Stretton Connect’s Co-worker Connect

The Stretton Centre has developed a new networking program, Co-worker Connect, for the start-ups and small businesses based at the co-working space at the Stretton Centre with the first session held on Monday, 3 December.

Co-worker Connect is held once a month over lunch with Sarah Menz, Business Support Coordinator at the Stretton Centre facilitating the sessions.

“We have developed Co-worker Connect in consultation with our co-workers, so that the sessions meet their professional development and business requirements,” said Sarah.

“The sessions will be highly interactive providing everyone the opportunity to develop their business pitch among other skills, and some sessions will provide a platform to discuss any pertinent issues their business may be experiencing with the group providing advice and recommendations on how to proceed.”

Co-worker Connect provides not only the opportunity for co-workers to step away from their desk while still working on their business but also the opportunity to upskill.

Participants will develop their soft skills such as networking and refining their sales skills in a safe environment amongst fellow co-workers. This will strengthen the co-working community that already exists here at the Stretton Centre and provide greater awareness of the services available amongst the cohort.

Sarah is currently in the process of developing a schedule for the 2019 Co-worker Connect sessions.

“Co-worker Connect has been developed for the Stretton Centre’s Co-workers, so it’s important that their feedback and needs drive the development of the program. For instance I am investigating appropriate guest speakers based on feedback I have received to date.”

Co-worker Connect is a part of the Stretton Centre’s Stretton Connect, a multi-faceted approach to business support and economic development, incorporating events, workshops and programs.

If you are interested in learning more about working in our co-working space click here.


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