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  • Sun

    September is going to be H.O.T.!

    8am-5pmStretton Centre - 307 Peachey Road, Munno Para 5115

    Are you on "the wagon" and off "the wagon"...constantly? Your wagon might represent healthy eating, exercise, the way you communicate with your spouse or even your efforts to stop procrastinating. Does falling off "the wagon" fill you will guilt or even dread?

    I have a revelation for you. Who says there even needs to be a wagon?

    I was working with one of my clients recently, and we were talking about the perils of being on again and off again in a relationship with the wagon. And then I said 3 words. BURN. THE. WAGON.

    After all…the wagon is in our minds, it’s not an actual wagon that you get on and get thrown off. How can a wagon in our minds even cause such turmoil? So, I say, BURN IT.

    If you want to burn your wagon and be free, come and spend 7 hours with me in a coaching intensive Total Focus workshop and I’ll show you how to:

    • Set goals that will eliminate the wagon altogether
    • Stay committed to your “why”
    • Learn how to take intentional action everyday that is congruent with where you want to go
    • Master your mind once and for all
    • Understand where your emotions and stress come from and how you can manage those better

    You will receive:

    • Your own 70 page study guide
    • Morning & Afternoon Tea
    • Lunch provided by Alchemy of Gawler
    • Access to a private FB Group
    • A 90 day challenge post Workshop
    • 1 x video each week for 12 weeks to support you in your challenge

    If you are READY to take IMMEDIATE action and gain REAL RESULTS then this workshop could be for you!! Text “Burn The Wagon” to 0423 673 005 for your complimentary coaching call to determine if this is for you. OR - click here http://bit.ly/2u9ZEeR