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  • Mon

    Cyber Security for SA Small Business Owners

    4pm-6:30pmStretton Centre - 307 Peachey Road, Munno Para 5115

    Are you a small business based in South Australia?

    The only certainties in life are death, taxes and online attacks by the hidden masses - to stretch the words of Benjamin Franklin into the Digital Age.

    All business owners should now be aware that at some point, an online attack on business or a data breach is bound to happen. Whilst many of us put our head in the sand on the topic of cyber security (“not relevant - it won’t happen to me”), just having this awareness puts you in a better position than the majority of businesses today. There are some simple things you can do if you run or own a business to minimise the risk of it happening and most importantly minimise the damage to your business if / when it does happen.

    The workshop will discuss the steps you can / should take – both proactive and reactive – to manage this potentially crippling threat to all businesses. This will not be a ‘tech’ discussion, we will be walking through tangible steps managers / owners can take internally and with their broader supply chain.

    We will also discuss the new Australian Government’s Notifiable Data Breach Scheme that is now in place AND the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations that will come into effect in May and may directly impact Australian businesses without you even knowing. It is important you are aware of these two new regulations.

    To help you with practical next steps, on the day, we will also provide you with checklists and template correspondence for your technology providers.

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