It’s fitting that Stretton is named after a nationally and internationally recognised contributor to urban policy research and practice – Professor Hugh Stretton.

A Rhodes Scholar at Balliol College Oxford, Hugh Stretton went on to become Professor of History at The University of Adelaide. In 2005, the Australian Public Intellectual Network voted him one of the Top 10 Public Intellectuals.

As an historian, economist, thinker and public intellectual he has influenced thousands of South Australians and Australians, and made an exemplary contribution to the civic and intellectual life of South Australia and the nation

A teacher of Modern History and Economics, he has written widely on Town Planning, Housing, Economic and Social Policy, and was the deputy chair of the South Australian Housing Trust for 17 years.

Named in his honour, Stretton is a focal point for collaboration between researchers, industry and government, and aims to provide a clear demonstration of how powerful industry development can be as a driver of sustainable suburban development.