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The Stretton Centre aims to create greater socio-economic outcomes for northern Adelaide. Education is key contributor to greater economic prosperity, increasing an individual’s employment opportunities.

The City of Playford and the Stretton Centre are part of the Vision for the North (VFN) Working Party. VFN is a joint project between the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide and Catholic Education South Australia created in response to the significant social and economic challenges facing many individuals and families living in northern Adelaide.

VFN is currently focused on establishing a “hub” of services aimed at responding to a broad range of educational, health, social and spiritual needs. The hub model will include pathways for children from birth to year 12 onwards, which the VFN has identified as a focal point to help transform the community by bringing families together and addressing their needs throughout each phase of life.

One of the first outcomes for the VFN Working Party is the establishment of a flexible learning centre in the City of Playford for young people disengaged with the education system.