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Sunday, 17th December 2017

Playford business P'Petual Holdings has announced a huge project!

P'Petual, based in Buckland Park in Playford, grows a range of tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers. Their produce is packaged onsite, then shipped off to major and independent supermarkets and grocers Australia wide.

P’Petual applied for the Future Jobs Fund and we're happy to report that they received their $2 million this week. Their expansion has also attracted investors from overseas.

The $60 million project is made up of three stages and will boost the area of greenhouses from eight to 28 hectares. Basically this means P'Petual will be home to the second largest high-technology glasshouse horticulture project in SA. It's super exciting to see this project taking place in our own backyard!

Currently, the company employs 109 FTE employees. Stage One of their expansion project will create the need for another 100 jobs.

Their output will also see a massive boost. In the past 12 months, P'Petual has produced over 2,850 tonnes of vegetables. This is set to increase to 7,800 tonnes per annum.

This awesome outcome was a group effort between P’Petual, City of Playford, SA Water, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, Environmental Protection Authority South Australia, the Office of the Agent-General, Investment Attraction South Australia, and the Stretton Centre.

The $200 million Future Jobs Fund has so far offered grants and loans to 57 businesses wanting to grow and create jobs for SA.

Check out the media release from Investment and Trade Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith here.