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Friday, 7th December 2018

In early January, 2018 Jared Ahern, Manager Operations at the Stretton Centre received a call from Kerri Hay, Founder and Director of Healing Through Arts enquiring about the Stretton Centre's Co-Working Space. Within three hours Kerri met with Jared, completed a tour of the Stretton Centre and leased an office space at the Stretton Centre.

Since that day, Healing Through Arts has experienced continuous growth with its client base growing from 10 to 32 clients*. The businesses rapid growth in 2018 has seen Kerri move office spaces at the Stretton Centre three times to accommodate her expansion, and the addition of three new staff members Raphael and Veronica, two Arts Psychotherapists and Sophie, a junior Admin Support Worker.

“It’s an exciting milestone hiring new staff members. While they will initially be working for six hours a week this will increase by January 2019 to keep up with the growing demand for Arts Psychotherapy in Adelaide."

Kerri Hay, Founder and Director

Art Psychotherapy is a specialised form of Psychotherapy and new for South Australia, in fact Kerri was the fourth person in the state to obtain a Graduate Diploma of Arts Psychotherapy in 2016 at Ikon Institute in Adelaide.

Art Psychotherapy is based on Psychoanalysis and can delve deeper in the subconscious.

“Art Psychotherapists work with people in a more holistic way noticing all the detail, from body language, the pattern of repetitive words or metaphors a client uses to challenging their resistance to the art making process. A creative art provides the tool allowing people to tell their story in an unfamiliar and more creative way, which someone may have difficulties to verbalise otherwise,” explained Kerri.

The creative arts mediums can consist of painting, drawing, collage, poetry and storytelling, textiles and construction, music, body movement, puppetry and clay.

Kerri works with a diverse range of clients from children, young people, adults, people with disabilities and mental health issues to carers. Currently her client base is made up of people who have access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) with referrals coming directly from the NDIS portal, her website, Facebook page and her growing network of community organisations as well as fellow co-workers at the Stretton Centre who are NDIS providers.

“I have really clicked with a few co-workers at the Stretton Centre, some who are also NDIS providers. These relationships are valuable as prior to having any employees I was able to bounce ideas off of them, and vice versa. We have also been able to support each other’s businesses by referring clients when appropriate as we have established trust in one another.”

For Kerri, another main benefit to having her business located at the Stretton Centre is access to business support services.

“Since I have been here I have accessed a range of support services, - human resources, financial planning, marketing, foundations of building a business and I am currently working with Sarah Menz, Business Support Coordinator at the Stretton Centre to identify and apply for grants.”


“I know if the Stretton Centre is unable able to support me in a particular area they will connect me with someone who can.”

*Figures accurate as of Friday, 7 December 2018.