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Tuesday, 5th February 2019

Ricky Flynn, Director and Founder of Real People Real Estate has been utilising the Stretton Centre's professional Co-Working Spaces since August 2016. Initially joining the space on a single 'hot desk' membership, Ricky now has a premium office space to host his growing team.

Ricky registered Real People Real Estate for an Australian Business Number in 2015 after he decide to turn his passion for real estate and personal experience in property investment into a full-time career. He pursued and completed study to become a registered Property Manager to make his dream reality.

In August 2016 Ricky decided to move his business operations from home to the Stretton Centre. According to Ricky, within six to 12 weeks of residing at the Stretton Centre he had doubled the size of his portfolio.

"Co-Working at the Stretton Centre provided me with a professional space to operate my business from which increased my productivity as I was free from the distractions that naturally come from working at home."

Ricky Flynn, Director and Founder of Real People Real Estate

Real People Real Estate originally commenced as a specialised residential property management business. Overtime the business has expanded to include commercial property management, residential sales and buyers advocacy which has naturally occurred thanks to the skillset of the team, demand and opportunities to collaborate.

Today the Real People Real Estate team also includes Kieran, Property Manager and recent addition to the team, Victoria, Relationships Manager. Ricky also collaborates with Wendy Atkinson, Atkinson Reality, who trades in conjunction with Real People Real Estate, as an agent who specialises in selling residential properties.

Ricky has built the businesses around a belief in being genuine in everything Real People Real Estate does.

"For me doing the basics isn't had. So doing what you say you're going to do is important," said Ricky.

"I approach business on a personal level. Whenever offering recommendations to my clients, property owners or tenants, I put myself or loved one in their shoes to ensure they receive the best service and outcomes."

Ricky Flynn, Director and Founder of Real People Real Estate

Ricky aims to double the size of his business rental portfolio in the next 18 months and increase the size of the team to ensure the quality service his business is known for, isn't diminished through its growth.

One of Ricky's greatest achievements has been the high level of customer service the business has maintained over the years.

"I am fortunate to have a team who know when to take things personally and when to step back and look at the bigger picture."

For Ricky the best thing about operating his business from the Stretton Centre, besides the significant savings in overhead costs, is the people.

"The Stretton Centre has a really great working environment and the different people who work there, both direct employees of the Stretton Centre and co-workers, have added value to my business."

Ricky Flynn, Director and Founder of Real People Real Estate

If you are interested in learning more about the Stretton Centre's Co-Working Space, take advantage of a complimentary tour of the building and its facilities and a one week free trial by contacting us on 08 8254 4666 or email at

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