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Wednesday, 22nd January 2020

Co-Working spaces are a great way for you to grow your business in a professional and diverse environment that provides flexibility and functionality required by small business owners and freelances.

Turnkey, low cost office space

As a small business owner or freelancer time is one thing you could always have more of. That’s why running your business from a co-working space is the perfect fit.

You’re able to walk into a professional office space with all the bells and whistles without having to worry about selecting an internet provider, negotiating the best leasing agreement for your business or how to decorate the space. This is all coordinated for you, so you can focus on your business.

Co-Working spaces are also cost efficient as they have minimal overhead costs. And when things do go wrong with the building and its facilities you’re not financially responsible and don’t need to waste your time reaching a resolution.

With a shared co-working space at the Stretton Centre everything is included (even coffee from a real coffee machine!), so you have more time to invest in your business.

Networking and collaboration

Being a freelancer or small business owner can be isolating, however working in a Co-Working space you become immersed in a tight-knit community that can provide opportunities to expand your network and collaborate.

Co-Working is a great way to grow your network as your business is exposed to a diverse group of potential clients. Your fellow Co-Workers can assist you to expand your networks and generate new client leads. They are also potential mentors or partners, with Co-Working spaces fostering an environment of collaboration rather than competition.

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Prior to Christmas some of the Stretton Centre's Co-Workers enjoyed a morning tea to celebrate 2019.

Professional and business development

Working in a shared office space you will find synergies with fellow Co-Workers and the realisation that some of the challenges you face as a business owner are not unique to your business, but most businesses. Fellow Co-Workers can provide advice on how to overcome challenges and how to avoid mistakes they may have made.

You will be surrounded by an array of businesses owners, working in different industries and at varying stages of their business journey. This unique environment gives you the opportunity to gain insight into different industries, collaborate and access mentoring. You never know what tips you might pick up around the coffee machine!


Let’s be honest, it takes a lot of self-discipline to work from home which some of us just don’t have. It’s very easy to just chuck on a quick load of washing, fit in ‘just one more’ episode on your favourite streaming service, which is why a dedicated working space at a co-working facility can assist increase your productivity.

Co-Working spaces are less formal than a traditional office environment; however it provides structure and accountability some of us need to remain on track. When your spending money on something you tend to want to get the most out of the product you can. This can be great motivation for some small business owners to establish a minimum amount of hours a week they work from a co-working space and stick to it. You may even find that your fellow co-workers keep you accountable by checking in when you have been absent for longer periods than normal.

Being surrounded by other hard working business owners can also give you additional motivation to stay on task rather than googling recipes for dinner or dream holiday locations. You also have access to professional amenities that facilitate your productiveness, for instance at the Stretton Centre all Co-Workers are able to access ultra-fast gigabit internet through GigCity.

Co-Working at the Stretton Centre

The Stretton Centre has a range of bespoke Co-Working solutions for your business no matter your size or industry. From Hot Desks and Casual Spaces ideal for start-ups, to our Premium Office Spaces perfect for SME's.

Contact us to learn more about our Co-Working Spaces and how you can access a one week free trial.

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Heath Conveyancing
I love working in the Stretton Centre's Co-Working Space to run my business Heath Conveyancing. It's a fresh space, cost effective, great meeting place for clients. It reduces the amount of common office overheads all while strengthening my network. All clients that have visited the office have mentioned what a great space it is.
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